Promote high-quality solutions with the best price and assist our clients in the search for higher quality and profit. See bellow our service list.

  • Development of new solutions (systems)
    Development of new solutions (systems)
    We develop new solutions based on the customer needs and preferences. At the end of the project deliver customer the sources + documentation used for development. We work with web environment and / or desktop (windows) and developed on platforms: .NET, ASP and PHP. To manage the database use: MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server or Oracle.
  • Maintenance both existing systems and sites
    Maintenance both existing systems and sites
    It's always a challenge to maintain systems that have been developed by third parties, because we have to learn their business rules and see how it was developed to give a correct idea at the time to report prices. But YIELD I take this letter and there were several times that we need to maintain solutions that have worked.

  • Development WebSites and Intranet
    Development WebSites and Intranet
    We know that sites require special attention for details and the message must be passed, so we ranked them as a distinct activity to software development.
    We work with the following platforms: .NET, ASP and PHP. For greater personalization, when necessary, also we make use of Ajax, JQuery and Flash.

  • Solutions with Georeferencing
    Solutions with Georeferencing
    Impress your customers demonstrating your data on a map on the web, accessed by any browser.
  • Partnership with other companies
    Partnership with other companies
    Are You a software developer? Need help to develop a web application, desktop or mobile? Contact us.
  • Telegram Integration
    Telegram Integration
    The Telegram is equivalent to Whatsapp: allows you to receive messages on your phone since it has 3G or Wifi. We integrate your software or your website to send messages directly to your Telegram.